About Us

About us

Before you met your partner, you perhaps never believed in love. And now, you can’t stand a day without him! He is all you need and that’s why, you are finally tying the knot! Yes, it was a journey worth remembering – from meeting each other’s parents to some “no” and “ifs” and finally, fixing a date when you both can be together forever.

Now, it’s time for the venue! You have sorted your guest list already and know what’s going to be on the menu! You have a blurry vision of what the decoration is going to be. But, all these hard works will go to vain, if you can’t find the perfect destination for your wedding. Why worry when you have us? Let us, at Find Banquet, help you find the perfect platform, where you will exchange your garlands, adorn yourself with vermillion and be his forever! We are here to make all your wedding dreams come true. Not just focusing on venues, but log online and let us help you find the perfect makeup artists and DJs for your wedding, as well.

Top-notch banquets at your service!

You are going to get married once in your life, so this occasion needs to be the perfect definition of “grandeur.” Now we know that not all you are Richie Rich! Some of you might have budget constraints and want banquet hall, which won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Well, not to worry!

Our team of hard working professionals have done their bit of research and presented you with various banquet halls, under multiple pocket-friendly rates. So, whether you want to host your wedding at Hotel Kashish Residency & Banquet for 799 rupees or opt for the exquisite Diamond Crown Banquet for 2000 bucks, we have it all for you! Want to try a middle ground? Well, try out the La Platinum banquet for mere 1400 bucks!

Top services just for you!

Even though we are named as Find Banquet, but we are here to cover everything that will make your wedding stand out in the crowd. Venue selection is obviously a tedious task, but that is not all! Who will be there as your makeup artist? What about the mehendi for your Sangeet ceremony? You want the best at your service, and let us help you find one.

Decorator and florist

Want a decorator and florist, who will take care of the venue and decorate the place much like you have asked for? Well, we will provide you with details of experienced professionals, whose services vary based on the price point you have chosen.

Mehendi artist

We have information on some of the best Mehendi artists in town. So, if you want help from their side, we might arrange a meeting for you. To make selection a bit easier, we have mentioned their rates beside their names. So, pick and choose based on your pocket.

Music and DJ

Now, what kind of wedding is it if there isn’t any music to groove with? You need to brighten up your Sangeet ceremony along with your D-day. For that, you can’t just compromise on the music quality. Let us guide you through a plethora of options to find the most renowned DJ to add energy to your party!

Hair salon

Want that picture-perfect hair style on your wedding day? You have seen so many styles, flaunted by your favourite B-town stars on their wedding, and want to recreate the same. Overall, you want to look like Anushka Sharma! Well, we have information on some of the best hair salons in town, who will charge you less, but won’t compromise on quality work!

Dance and aerobics class:

Want to stay fit and healthy for that wedding dance? Want to awe your partner with some thumkas on “Kala Chasma?” Well, how about joining an aerobics class to stay in shape and learn some moves? If so, we have information on that as well. And the best part? It won’t be a heavy investment from your side!


One of the major attractions after wedding is checking out the album. You have waited patiently for months and once you get hold of the album, you just want to engross in those pictures and relive those days. You can’t do that if your chosen photographer failed to capture those candid moments. So, researching and finding the best team of photographers is a must! Let us help you find the best ones in town.

How we work?

Yes, you are super excited to start wedding shopping! Finding us means you are likely to save a great deal of time and money. But, how do we work? What are the regulations we follow? Well, we have made our services easily navigable, to help you find what you want with few clicks of the mouse button! Let’s get to know our working module a bit better!

  • Visit our online site first First of all, registering is a must. Register and be a part of our platform by filling out all the details. We will save these details for future use, to help you serve some more filtered options. Don’t worry, as your information remains secured with us.
  • Search for the hall or serviceUpon registering, wait for few days for approval. Once your name gets approved, it is time to move towards the next step. Start scrolling through all the list of vendors, offering you with banquet halls and other services like photography, music, hair style, makeup and more. We will further filter options, which are closer to your current location!
  • Book for the services or hallAfter checking out the venue and services, it is time to get final quotes on booking price.
  • Lastly, pay onlineOnce you have checked the venue and got hands on the quotes from different vendors, it is time to make payment online and book the venue or services.

Let us make your wedding preparation as exciting as the real occasion! Buckle up, hit the metal on the pedal and happy wedding shopping!