Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Find Banquet

Welcome to the Terms & Conditions of ‘Find Banquet’, it is an agreement between you, the users, and ‘Find Banquet’. Please go through each of the below-mentioned Terms of Service carefully. When you access our services after clicking on the “I Accept” button signifies, you have read out all the specified terms of service and you agree to all of them.

User’s Consent

You hereby fully proclaim that you without any pressure, impact, or manipulation with an active mind shall completely confine the terms of using this platform. You acknowledge the fact that if in the future any dispute arises related to the advice, query, or from the usage of our services of Find Banquet or for not paying the charges in terms of services delivered under this agreement then the exclusive jurisdiction can file lawsuits against you.

You share your consent that if any activity occurs under your account or password, you will be the person in responsibility. We’ll not be liable for the loss or damage caused as a result of any failure on your part for the safeguard of your account or password. If we find any reason stating the breach of our policies, the Company holds the right to suspend the account or change the password.

You hereby agree that for such discord that arises because of any non-payment of the dues for any services offered to you delivered under this contract then the filed grievance will be held in the court of Delhi only.

Termination terms

The terms will remain completely in enforcement whether you are a visitor or a registered member of the platform. You can terminate being a member of the platform any time for any of the reasons by writing to us to cancel your membership.

Find Banquet holds the right to terminate your account for any reason after sending you the notice for termination at the email address you provide. If we terminate your membership because of violating the agreement policies, you will not be served the refund of any subscription fees that remain unused.

We have the right to modify any of our stated terms when we want to with or without any reason or suspend any of the services you have taken at any time. Any such cancellation can be done with or without giving any reason. You understand that we can any time without prior information to you, can restrain your access to our services.

Eligibility to service use

Any membership to our platform will be void if restricted. Your use of the platform indicates that you have the right and authority to use this platform and you hereby agree to the terms and conditions of using our services.

Content on our Platform

We provide and have content on various subject matters posted in context to our platform. All the content and articles are our own copyright material. You may view the content but you are restricted for –

1. Republish any of our content material from this platform;

2. Sell, lease or sub-license any content from the platform;

3. Present any proprietary information from the platform in public;

4. Dupe, replicate, copy, or otherwise employ material on this platform for any business purpose;

5. Revise or otherwise alter any material on the Platform;

6. Reform material from this platform.

All of the lawful, legit, and felicitous content or any other information posted by you on any of the forum discussion boards will automatically be the property of Find Banquet. We have the right to observe any such information or content posted and can delete, edit, or display such content.

Copyright Policy

You are not permitted to post, reform, or distribute any of our copyright material, proprietary details, or any trademarks without getting the prior agreement in writing from the owner of all such rights. Furthermore, if you find that your content or material have been used or copied on our platform in a way that shows it as breaching, please inform our Copyright owner sharing details like -

• e-signature of the authorized person on behalf of the owner,

• details of the copyrighted work that you are asserting to be infringed,

• your contact details, your email address, your physical address,

• details specifying the content used by you on any platform, and

• your statement under penalty of deception.

Warranties/ Limitations of liabilities

Your use of the platform Find Banquet is completely at your own risk. Please note that this contract is limiting our accountability and we do to provide any warranties for any of our services. Use of our properties is fully at your own risk and you will be in sole liability if any damage occurs to your data or system as a result of downloading any content or data from our platform. We are not in charge if you click any external link and face loss of data or transactions. Users must read those third party links before using them.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, the company, directors, employees, partners, and suppliers shall not be accountable for any indirect, incidental, or exemplary loss of any kind, but not limited to damages for the loss of profits or in context to our privacy policy, or these terms, even though the company has advised of the likelihood of such damages. Without limiting the foregoing and to the extent permitted by applicable law, the company, its officers, directors, employees, partners, and suppliers won't be responsible for indirect damages arising out of or in connection with:

1. use or inability of using the platform properties

2. any services or products purchased from the platform or transactions made through the platform

3. loss, illegal access, or modification of your data

Refunds and cancellation

Reimbursements are not allowed if the service or payment reaches the final stage of submitting. We request our customers to order carefully with extreme concern. If you like to cancel any bookings, you may contact our Customer care team. Delays are not undertaken as partiality for refunds. We are not accountable to provide refunds if any incorrect information is shared by the client. Therefore, please recheck once you fill in the details.

Refund Policy

All the refunds will be processed after excluding the charges bank or any payment gateway has collected, or any other charges that imply. If multiple payments are made, in that case, full refunds will be made after charging the price of the service.


All the trademarks on logos, graphics, images, content, etc displayed on the platform are all the registered as well as unregistered trademarks owned by the platform. You are not allowed to use, reproduce or republish any of the platform owned properties for personal or commercial use.

Assignment of contract

We can assign this Terms of Service agreement to anyone with or without notifying you. You are not allowed to assign this to anybody without prior intimation and written approval from us. Any such transfer of agreement will be declared null and void.


You are under the commitment to report any misuse of our platform if found. If you notice any such thing that is under the violation of agreement terms, you should report it to us by writing to our customer service or customer care. We can withdraw the services of any clients/customers who are being unreasonable or using abusive tone during a conversation with any vendor without any reason. We will use every effort to resolve the issue but if in any case, we fail to do it, the user will be sent a written warning. In addition, if it is noticed again, the user will not be able to use the platform again.

The terms and conditions of the platform can be modified regularly without notifying the users. The users should agree to all of them and will regularly check the agreement for modifications made.

If you need any clarification on any service or policies, you can contact us.