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bridal accessories

Astonishing Bridal Accessories Trends For 2021

Bridal accessories are one of the important parts of every bridal look but without them, the look of an Indian bride is never complete. Today you will find some of the top trendy accessories that will steal your heart and will be a blast for the bridal appearance this year.

When it comes to styling your bridal wedding dress it takes a lot of effort and time to find the right kind of jewelry that will match the outfit and will enhance the look too. There are innumerable trending bridal accessories that will rule 2021 to finish your solah shringar from basic, boho, to classic. We will take a deeper dive into the ocean of accessories that rule the runways and give an embellished look to next-level chic. Some trending dresses including wedding suits with high-low tutus, trains, mini dresses, and even shorts and accessories that are equally compelling. From eye-catching earrings, waist-cinching belts, bold headbands, to fresh flower jewelry like Punjabi juttis, heels, and footwear to pouches, and the latest must-have wedding masks. Well, accessories are the Expletive Peak of a woman’s outfit as it giving the finishing touch in a bridal look.

Below we’re sharing some of the mindboggling accessories that are prevailing supreme right to get you inspired.

Indian Bridal Accessories

No bridal look is complete without the spark of jewelry, be it gold, diamond, pearl, or rubies that help to enhance your entire bridal look. Even jewelry adds the fragrance of tradition and culture to the wedding.

bridal jewelery

Diamond Choker sets

Well, it is rightly said that diamonds are women’s best friends and are the all-time favorite of every bride. The beautiful shades of pastels remain trendy and give a magnificent look when garnished with a diamond choker. So, go ahead and adorn yourself with diamond choker sets.

Neck bridal accessories layered with pearl and rubies

The multi-layered neckpieces are not just to pair up with your outfit but also to style your entire ethnic Indian bridal appearance. The minimal pieces of layered gemstones will give you a luxurious look.

layered with pearl and rubies

Adorned Maatha Patti

A bride is not less than a queen as she manages herself so gracefully and that she embraces her look with the sparkling Maatha Patti that brings a glamorous vision in her glimpse.

maatha patti bridal accessories

Cuff bracelets turn up in new style

No bride’s outfit is ever complete without her hand jewelry. Delicate hand accessories not just bring out the detailing in every piece of beautiful bridal jewelry but are also traditionally felicitous.

bracelet for bride

Head and hair bridal accessories

Apart from all this jewelry, a bride has many other options of jewelry too. For example in Haldi and Mehandi most of the brides attempt a bohemian look, floral ornaments with blossoms, branch motifs, and leaves of fresh and artificial flowers.

head and hair bridal accessories

Floral Kaleeras

Kaleeras are precious ornaments of the bride, but now brides use them for styling and flaunting an entire look as there are different types of kaleeras like floral kaleeras as an edgy and modern counterpart of the traditional silver/gold ones.

floral bridal kaleere

Eye-Catching Earrings

Well, earrings are another major important part of the bridal look. Bigger-than-life pearl hoops to minimum delicate drop earrings and floral-decorative beauties, to bold and eye-catching earrings, that becoming the center of attraction.


Variants of bags 

Bags are so many types, it all depends on you, which one you want and for what purpose it is. However, brides simply carry clutches that are easy to hold and pretty by the look, and also ever trendy. It adds elegance to the bride’s look. As time changes, the demand and taste of people also change, potli bags come in fashion, doesn’t mean it is a potli. However, it is so fancy and ethnic that gives a classy bridal look. Other than that there are cool waist bags and fanny packs for Laidback brides. Well, these fannypacks have been a choice for ages, welcoming the era of the fusional fannypack and waistbags that take us in the most functional yet stylish manner. Opt for these hassle-free festoon beauties that have no age to use and must-have for all the modern brides.

clutch for bride

Embellished with bridal heels and comfy juttis

As classy as pencil heels, it may be quite hurtful. Welcome to the modern world where beauty and comfort go hand in hand. In this era, women didn’t compromise on comfort for fashion by opting for embellished heels with a touch of ethnicity. Classic traditional juttis make balance with the modernistic approach & comfort and a way for the future your life holds. And so come the embroidered boots and sneakers, a kind of modern bridal dream. Introducing ethnic influenced boots and sneakers. By tricky thread work adorned with exaggeration that makes these pairs one of the best.

footwear for trendy bride


They become more and more popular for brides and at bridal parties. Especially for those looking for a super-fun and cool photo session. Your wedding look will become memorable with all this.

bride in sunglasses

Vaani Kapoor’s Indian wear setting vibes for Roka & Mehendi

Vaani Kapoor is known for her interesting Indian wear selection and the way she switches between a gamut of effigies and subtlety. The never-ending love that she has for sarees is not hidden to anyone. But Kurtis or suits are surely her all-time travel favorite cotton outfit choices to beauteous Anarkali dresses for social events. Her buoyant pieces always have everything she requires for making up an eye-rolling look, right from fine-fitted cuts and eye-catching tints to flamboyant embroideries. The actor’s most recent appearance worked as another proof of her style statement. Vaani, who is in the headlines currently because of her 3 upcoming films, one of which is rom-com Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui, shared recent pictures of herself in an ostentatious deep green kurta and sharara set designed by famous fashion designer Anita Dongre. Keep reading further if don’t want to miss the look details.

vaani kapoor look

In the post shared by Vaani Kapoor on Instagram, the actor was noticed appearing in a bright green kurta set. The outfit was named the “Zaida Set”. The sleeveless Anita Dongre kurta set highlighted a high neck suit, embellished with customary Gota Patti, Dori, pearl, zardozi, embroidered with a cut dana and shiny flecks work. The actress was noticed wearing a kurta paired with a matching sharara bottom and a beautiful net dupatta. Handy dandy yet luxurious, a sharara set like Vaani Kapoor’s would be a stylish and elegant choice for any event. That’s why similar pieces of outfits by the Anita Dongre kurta set have also earned the admiration of other great actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Tamannaah Bhatia in the past. Both of the actors were seen in the ethnic sets during the promotion rounds of their respective films; where Priyanka wore it at a Navratri event in Ahmedabad prior to the release of The Sky Is Pink, and Tamannaah Bhatia chose to wear during the promotions of her movie Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy

Overall look of Vaani

The dress material of the actor is made of rayon and silk, with the velvet kurta in a boat neck design, and was spotted with traditional Gota Patti, Dori, pearl, zardozi, cut dana, and shiny flecks work.

The sharara too was designed of rayon and silk fabric and the overall look was paired with a nylon net dupatta. Wearing a daub of pink lipstick in a nude shade, Vaani augmented the glamour quotient with her tinted cheeks, smokey eyes, and filled-in eyebrows.

Vaani chose to accessorize her look with a teeny silver bindi. She concluded her outfit with nude-colored stilettos. The sharara set looks like something owned in a royal Rajasthani closet.

No jewelry look

Vaani Kapoor decided not to wear jewelry on this intricate look

Vaani Kapoor’s kurta is a high neck, so she saved out on jewelry, letting the beautiful work on her dress take focus. In distinction to her emerald green ensemble was her makeup.

Isn’t that mood embarking for your own Roka, Mehendi, or engagement functions? An out-of-the-ordinary kurta like Vaani Kapoor’s will be a great pick for your wedding rituals. The cozy, bell-bottomed sharara is perfect when you need to sway all others. Pair it up with a pair of earrings, and you’re ready to go. If you loved her outfit, you can even create one on your own.

Trending Nath Designs a Bride Can Sway Her Look With

Nath or nose ring is that small piece of ornament, which is enough to make a huge difference in your bridal look. If you are that “bride to be”, whose wedding is on the edge and is hunting for some beautiful pieces of jewelry. It needs to have that extraordinary charm to make it more striking and add to your bridal look. The Nath will append that extra element to bring out the zing to your beautiful face, irrespective of the size of nath you wear. It will make you stand out in every single picture.

Naths or nose rings also have some significance for the bridal attire, according to some cultures, traditions, or religions in some parts of India. Some people or traditions consider wearing naths as a sign of a married woman. You can choose any nath that you think can go well with your attire and personality. According to the mythological beliefs, Hindu brides wear nath for honoring “Goddess Parvati”, which is known as a goddess of marriage.

Why Indian women wear naths?

There are several beliefs that explain why an Indian woman should wear a nath on her wedding day as a part of her wedding attire. Some of those say it is a sign that indicates the maidenhood of the bride. Well it is completely the choice of the bride whether she wants it to wear or not. And if she is wearing it, she should ensure that the piece of jewelry goes well with her dress, jewelry, and makeup. And just because, naths have Hindu religious beliefs associated with, it doesn’t mean the brides from other traditions or religions cannot wear it.

Women of north India wear nath on the left side if their noses while those from the southern India wear it on the right. There are majority of women who prefer naths to be placed on left side of their nose. This is because of the fact that is mentioned in Ayurveda. Ayurveda says, as the nerves residing in left part of the nose are linked to the reproductive organs in female, piercing nose on that side can help reduce the pain she faces while giving birth to a child.

Types of nath designs getting in trend

Royal Nath

This nath can give you a kind of royal feel. This has a style and appearance different from others. It is a nath crafted with bling, which has carvings with stone and features a design designed with beautiful stones placed as a flower and pearls are used too. This nath has circled the nose ring with the multicolored stones on the outer ring. It is a kind of nath that you can wear if you want to style your look with less jewelry and bold makeup with winged eyeliner and red lipstick. When you will carry your look styled with this nath you will surely feel like a princess or queen.

royal nath design

Pearled nath with layered matha patti

This is a simple yet elegant nath designed to create your aura on all the people around you. It will enhance your look by manifold times. If you have so much love for the peals, you should really consider wearing this with your wedding attire. It is designed with embellished pearls that will give more charm charisma to your bridal face. You can add a layered matha Patti along with a choker style necklace that will go well with it. Just put on a small bindi and your pretty look is done.

matha patti nath design

Shikarpuri Nath design

These traditional nath designs are highly popular among Punjabi brides. It consists of a loop ranging from small to medium to large size and is tucked into the hair with an embroidered chain. The chain has the pattern of the loop itself. The ring can have moti or can be ornate with beads that you will commonly find in most of such naths. This graceful Nath can go well with any of your Kundan or gold jewellery. You can play by pairing it with your bridal outfit to look like gossamer excellence! 


Small elegant laung nath

The ‘Laung’ is a nose stud that is clove shaped, with a precious gem fixed and embedded in its crease. A popular nose prettification in Northern India, a laung has been noticed in innumerable songs, movies, and literature. Not as showy as its alternatives, but a laung is the wedding nose ring that will give its person wearing it an insinuating and captivating charisma.

laung nath

Nathni type nath

Nathni is almost very similar to the Shikarpuri nath, although it is certainly lighter in comparison as it does not have any obscure or heavy ornamentation. It is one of the prevalent preference for traditional Rajasthani brides. Hardly ever, do you find it studded with jewels, sapphires, or stones; it’s just a single stud with an elusive chain pinned to your hair, just like the way is Shikarpuri nath design. This nath can work with almost all jewelry, outfits, and also suitable for daily wear depending on what type of stud it has. If you are going to wear a shade of green lehenga, then go for an emerald stone. 

nathni type nath

Nath with a latkan

This concept of this type of nath is a little bit different but at the same time is kinda cute, as it does not have any conspicuous nose ring. The most striking and appealing feature about this type of nath designs is the chain that is connecting your nose to your hair. These chains are decorated with embellishments and are what add charm to the nath. This type of nath goes with every type of jewelry, depending on what it is made of.

latkan type

Marathi nath

One of the most popular and widespread diversity in the country, Maharashtrian nose ring designs is something that are often worn in the movies and also in celebrity weddings alike. Maharashtrian nath designs for bridal beauty are not only ingrained in our popular culture, but the ‘tanmani’ or chokers like elements in the cashew or cashmere shaped nose ring convey the natural beauty of the Maharashtrian bride and admire her falcate moon shaped bindi. The several multicolored gems, pearls and white-gold varieties engraved on the nath are sacrosanct by the brides in the west.

marathi nath

Traditional Floral Nath

Floral nath as the name is the mix of a bunch of fresh flowers to give new look to your traditional jewelry. This will leave you looking more lively than ever. This is a perfect look for Indian destination weddings or even Haldi, Mehandi, and sangeet functions. You will not just glimmer with the impeccable colors that Mother Nature has selected for you, but you’re also going to spread the fragrance to calm you and others around you down on your big day.

floral nath

Colossal Bridal Nath Designs

If you think you do not own the ideal sized or shaped nose for wearing a nose ring or a nath, then you just need to consider an oversized nath. It will grasp all of the guest’s attention to your nose shape with the unique and legendary piece of jewelry. Also, if you’re one of those brides who like to go iconic but with a twist, then these bridal naths are just for you!

colossal giant nath

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