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Destination wedding In Jim Corbett

Destination wedding In Jim Corbett

Just imagine this scenario – you, in your bridal lehenga, taking the “SaathPhere” with your life partner, in the middle of greenery, surrounded by trees and hills on all sides! You can listen to the soft humming of the nearby stream and the mountain air is brushing your body, giving you a chilly feeling. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, not anymore! Destination wedding in Jim Corbett is really “in” these days and will make your D-day quite special.

Away from the hustle of busy city life and closer to Mother Nature, Jim Corbett is the ultimate destination for a modern wedding celebration. It will be a private and emotional moment, with close family and friends bestowing their blessings on the newlywed. So, if you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity, pre-book the dates with Seven Corbett now.

Seven Corbett – turning your dream wedding into a reality!

Want to enjoy a luxurious and lavish stay in the middle of wildlife and nature? Well, Seven Corbett is your answer. With a wide range of facilities by your side, you can expect only the best services from this resort.

  • On average, the cost of destination weddings in Jim Corbett will start at 5 lakhs, for a minimal guest list, covering 100 people.
  • Due to this pandemic scenario, the team from Seven Corbett is working hard to maintain social distancing and all the COVID protocols. So, you can just sit back and relax and enjoy nature at its best, without worrying about getting infected.
  • Not just for weddings, but Seven Corbett is perfect for hosting engagement ceremonies, kitty parties, conferences and even birthday celebrations. 
  • Pay once for all the services under your chosen package. You won’t be just paying for the venue, but also for food, decorations, and rooms, DJ and all, that will add magic to your wedding. Pay for the chosen package and then sit back to relax.
  • Once you have booked Seven Corbett as your wedding venue, you get the golden opportunity to visit some of the nearby tourist hotspots. Those are Almora, Nainital, Kausani, Mukteshwar, Bhimtal, and so much more.
  • So, apart from enjoying every bit and piece of the wedding, you can make the best use of your free time by booking car services and visiting these nearby tourist attraction spots. So, other than the wedding, you have so much more to explore.

Jim Corbett destination wedding – tricks you need to learn:

Before you proceed further with your dream destination, preparing yourself is mandatory. You are venturing into the world of the unknown. Nature and wildlife have so many surprises waiting for you! So, prepare yourself physically and mentally for the changes to make this wedding a grand success.

The right time to host a wedding in Jim Corbett:

The most valuable question so far, setting the right season is important to explore nature and enjoy your wedding at the same time. December to February can get quite cold over here. So, the best time to host your wedding will be from early April or the middle of July. At this time of the year, you will be welcomed by clear skies and predictable weather. Just avoid organizing any form of the event between late July and September because of the heavy downpour. It will mess up the entire moment!

Does costing seem out of control? Well, some tricks might help you big time!

Jim Corbett destination wedding is relatively new as a trend and attracting some modern couples to be a part of it. Combining your most memorable day with an adventurous vacation seems too good to be true! Well, that clearly does not mean you have to burn a hole in your pocket to get what you want! Even if you are going for a destination wedding, there are some ways, which will help you to remain within your budget without compromising on the quality of your event.

  • You need to choose a wise location first. If you can select a place that is naturally gorgeous to look at, then you get to save a lot on decorations!
  • Make sure to book as soon as you can. Quicker booking results in cheaper deals. Even booking in bulk will help you get a better position.
  • Try out the local drinks and dishes for your wedding. It will not just help you to save on food but can let your guests explore the fantastic wildlife cuisine for a change!
  • Always try to keep your itinerary crisp and short by cancelling out unnecessary events. You want your guests to enjoy Jim Corbett as much as the wedding. So, give them that free time to explore the place at their own pace.
  • Try booking events and accommodations under one umbrella. If you end up with bulk booking, it results in higher discounted deals! You get to save money on the transportation costs too. You can further save some time when the celebration is on!
  • If you are seriously facing some crunch financially and still want to explore the world of Jim Corbett, try choosing an off-season wedding date. Prices for all the services, along with room bookings and food, will go down drastically during this period. You can even end up enjoying some exciting discounts! 

Add the flavours of hills to your destination wedding:

For most of your guests, visiting Jim Corbett is a one-time opportunity. So, they would love to make the best of this situation. Help them out in this regard by adding delicious Kumaon cuisine to your wedding menu. Give them the chance to enjoy the rich taste of jungle life through its food. 

Every dish is well infused with locally grown spices and herbs, which you haven’t tried anywhere else. You can even elevate your generic menu by adding amazing accompaniments like green-chilli salads, plum chutneys, and so much more!

Make your bookings now!

So, what are you waiting for? If you really want your wedding to be a grand success, book Seven Corbett now and enjoy the finest and rustic beauty that this place has to offer!


Planning a fuss-free pre-wedding shoot

A pre-wedding shoot is a trend all over now and is a picturesque way to protect your precious moments in stunning photographs which you can relish all the time. It allows you to get contented before the camera and the photographer prior to the wedding ceremony to evade any discomfort. There are many awesome pre-wedding shoot ideas to take inspiration from according to your visual and vibe, to make your wedding more amorous but will also make it magnificently remarkable. You can use these pre-wedding shoot photographs in your wedding invitation cards or can also play the shoot on your wedding affair.

What to wear for a pre-wedding shoot?

The bride can pick a beautiful gown and the groom can wear a classy three-piece suit for the dazzling modern pre-wedding shoot or opt for the customary look with a silk saree teaming up with a kurta pajama for the royal touch. Don’t forget to wear identical accessories and make-up.

When is the right time to get a pre-wedding shoot done?

Pre-wedding shoots can be organized within 6-7 months or a few days just before the wedding. Since a few days before your wedding, you’re at your busiest with your wedding traditions and arrangements. So, always try to have this shot a couple of months prior, so you can have proper time and attention, as required. Organizing a pre-wedding shoot months before the wedding gives you sufficient time to finish every minute detail and enjoy the moments with your partner.

Where should you have for your pre-wedding shoot?

Are you a person who loves the beach or a mountain? Pick a location that best fits with your persona you’re looking for, according to your budget. You can pick places that are momentous to your love story to make it more special. Determine if you want a pre-wedding shoot in your city or at a place away from home. If you opt for a different city, don’t forget to hire a photographer from the location to save some bucks on travel and stay.

Who captures your pre-wedding shoot?

A pre-wedding shoot needs to be captured by a professional photographer. Choose the best photographer in your budget. Try to have the same team for the pre-wedding shoot as the one you choose for capturing your wedding. This will help you relax with your photographer and give ample time to recognize your personality and best camera angles, allowing you to capture you the best possible way and get some stunning pictures.

Ideas for Pre-wedding shoot  

1.Casual Pre Wedding Photo shoot at Home

If you are about to be married, you must be having complications finding an ideal destination amidst these pandemic limitations. Well, you can have a gorgeous pre-wedding shoot indoor with your partner turning it into inspirational ideas!

2. A food-themed photoshoot

You can organize a delicious food-themed photoshoot idea if you are a foodie couple. From pizzas to chai to gol-gappas, every food item can serve as great props for your pre-wedding photoshoot. It can be a cozy shoot organized at your place.

3. Pre Wedding Shoot in Taj Mahal

Shah Jahan and Mumtaz are the most famous for being a loveable couple embedded and so is the Taj Mahal. This monument appears as a great spot for a splendid pre-wedding shoot. You can even cherish the idea with a classic Bollywood-style sham for a dramatic feel.

4.Photo shoot for nature lovers

Frosty seasons can be the best reason for a bit of a fable. The hill stations like Manali and Shimla, add such a beautiful vagueness to your pre-wedding shoots.

5. Pre wedding photo shoot with books

Book lovers are mostly in dim light with their heads and nose stuck in the pages of a book. Books are a great buddy like pets; you can use your favorite one as a prop to have a photoshoot!

winter wedding preparations

How can a groom feel warm and comfy in a winter wedding?

It is a fantasy of every groom to look even better than his best on his wedding day. Since winter is a season that doesn’t allow dressing up according to your taste and preferences, with these tips, you can ace your looks on your wedding even on the most chilled day. This article will be fulfilling the expectations and sort out all the queries. You can undoubtedly follow it for making yourself feel warmer even in the chilly weather.

Ways to keep you warm in winter wedding

Select warm Inners or thick fabric outfit

The most comfortable and best thing to choose in a winter wedding is either you go with heat transferring inner under your sherwani, kurta, or a Nehru jacket, that can keep you warm in your winter wedding. Or you can choose some thick fabric that does the same work but even adds a style to your outfit like velvet. Such fabrics give an elegant look and didn’t make you feel cold as well.  You can even team up your sherwani with a stall to keep yourself warm.

fabric selection for winter wedding

Choose a daytime for winter wedding

Another option to have a warm winter wedding can be choosing a daytime wedding like one on a sunny day. The reason for this is that the winter season experience darkness earlier and people couldn’t enjoy the functions and traditions on a chilly night that much, so daytime is suitable in every aspect. It will also give an essence of cozy and beautiful the wedding and you can also take its advantage for good outdoor photography as well. The lunch menu is even lighter and costs less than dinner.

wedding venue

Wisely pick the venue

It’s a major part of a winter wedding to choose the right venue because the weather will not be always in your favor, so if you might feel cold if you opt for an open area or hilly site for the wedding. Everything must be accurate and perfect according to the season. And you just have to be selective and smarter in terms of selecting the right fabrics such as gabardine and wool. Also pick sensibly the texture and color like black, navy, or red and suitable accessories, pinstripes.

wedding in sunny time

Seasonal food and drinks

It’s very important to make sure there should be a portion of seasonal food and drinks on your menu. While hiring the right catering, you must be aware bout seasonal food and drinks, which are delicious and warm to allow every guest pleasantly enjoy your wedding. You can offer some drinks and cocktails that keep the guests warm like rum, coffee, hot soup, green tea, and warm water. Apart from that, you can even add hot chocolate for kids on the menu too. Coming toward the meal section where eating makes you happy and protein & calories make our body stay warm. So, barbeque is the best idea in terms of taste and season Other than that you have to put some vegetarian items as well, like paneer, aloo dishes, and seasonal salad, for those who do not eat non-veg.

hot food for winter

Groom entry

You are the hero of your wedding, so your entry should be like heroic types, where everyone attracts on you as you gaze their attention. You can go for some filmy entry. You can even hire a wedding planner for this. Gone are the days where the groom’s entry is on the horse or a carriage to the wedding venue. Now things are change, grooms love to choose a car, or bike to enter in the wedding venue. Hence the idea behind choosing a car for entry is to keep yourself warm at your wedding. Instead of freezing even before the wedding rituals get started. So we suggest you stay warm and comfortable.

groom entry
wedding mandap

Trending Customized Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas

Marriage mandaps are one of the fascinating parts of the wedding; they give a distinguished shape to your wedding ceremony. However, nothing is more overwhelming and striking in your wedding pictures like your wedding décor. The mandap for the Hindu wedding is completely decorated with flowers, a floral dome, and a drape. Because, the pictures of your marriage ceremony should be good as mandap is, after all, it’s your momentous day and you deserve nothing less than best, depending upon what your secret style is and what attire you will put on.

Getting a perfect mandap set up as you want is not less than a dream coming true. We hope to give you something that concurs according to your preferences and artistic feel, with our fantastic thoughts right here for you. This list has some collective ideas that are fresh, encouraging, and modern mandap decor designs as it’s your mandap decoration and it has to be picture perfect. So we have shortlisted the few mandap decoration ideas that you can show to your decorator and have the wedding decor accordingly.

Let us have a look at Wedding Mandaps

All White Mandaps

A white elegant, cream, and gold with floral are too popular these days. The full white mandap is a favorite of almost every couple who wishes to keep it simple yet elegant. You can also decorate with the Canopy of White Blooms.

all white wedding mandap

Mandap design with floral presentation

A decoration full of roses at your mandap with the charming dome of roses with overhead floral danglers is just too pretty as an indoor mandap setup.

floral presentation

Lilac theme decoration for a beach wedding

If you are looking for a wedding mandap around the beach, then decorating it with the bulk of flowers is a good idea. A cinch gazebo erected on the beach with flowers everywhere and above with an overhead hanging floral ceiling to give a fairytale look can be a stunning mandap.

beach wedding

Colorful Drapes marquee

Using colorful drapes to give an oval setting in an outdoor wedding mandap is a great idea. The happy colors create joy for the happy functions.

drapes wedding mandap

Foliage & Greenery, latest style mandap

Nowadays decorators exploit greenery in creative ways to come up with some ravishing mandap designs, and to be honest this trend is perfectly suitable for outdoor weddings.

foliage mandap

Brightest nature’s shrink back mandap

Brimming with the vigor and glare of colored flowers, lush leaves, and classy drapes compliment this amazing mandap décor.

shrink back mandap

Perfect peach mandap for a pastel theme

This infusion of freshly designed bamboos, dried leaves, wrap and pampas grass represents an image, fit for a pastel theme wedding.

peach pastel mandap

Glorious mandap decor with drapes

The Wedding ceremony looks complete with this magnificent semi-classical mandap decor embellished with string lights and fancy pillars.

glorious mandap with drapes

Wedding mandap with floral dome and drape ceiling

This décor with floral dome and drape ceiling is flexibly propitious for both outdoor and indoor weddings. The color theme can be swapped to suit according to your favorite or the color of your outfits.

floral dome and drape wedding mandap

The magical wedding mandap decoration

A long veil woven with oval sparkling plants and soothing lights make a gorgeous mandap, this decor attracts amazingly.

magical mandap

Common mandap festoon with banana leaves

Banana leaves fresh garlands and pots make this a behooving pick, a perfect setting for the stunning mandap décor.

banana leaves mandap

Delightful graceful floral mandap

This mandap is ideally exceptional for a late afternoon bridal affair transforming into a late night.

graceful mandap

Illuminated wedding mandap décor cover with dusk

To stand out in a late-night affair, you deserve a completely fascinating décor; this beautifully decorated mandap loaded with floral preparations and magnificent lights make for a visible goody.

illuminated mandap

Red Mandaps

The best suited and classic red for couples that choose the traditional color pallet for their Indian wedding decor. However, red makes the mandap more beautifying.

red wedding mandap

Poolside mandap with floral strings

If there is something, which can be called as Shaandaar Shadi mandap, then this one would best be suited for you, if you are deciding to have a poolside wedding, then a canopy of outlay floral will make an enormous mandap decoration design.

poolside mandap

Fairy lights wedding mandap decoration

Nothing looks better than a marquise dressed drapes in flowers with fairy lights at the beachside, this simple mandap decoration is good for an outdoor wedding in the evening.

fairylight mandap

Luxurious mandap for an indoor wedding

The indoor wedding is usually not a good idea, but still have a desire for a grand setup, such wedding mandap decoration can give you absolute inspiration for your big day. The golden pillars, arches, noble seating, flowers, candles, and crystal turn out to be the centerpieces for your mandap.

luxurious mandap
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