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South Indian Marriage Rituals

South Indian Marriage Rituals, Culture & Traditions

If you haven’t attended a South Indian wedding, then you are surely missing out on a lot of fun! The rituals, amazing food, and great hospitality – all mingle together to create an unforgettable experience. But, your idea about an Indian wedding is going to change drastically when you land in South India to attend a marriage ceremony. The rituals, mantras, and even the timing of the wedding are completely opposite of what you have seen your entire life! So, ready to explore the unknown? Well, buckle up for an adventure, which will bore into your memory for a long time now!

Unveiling the popular rituals of South Indian marriage:


What you know as an engagement party is called Nichayathartham in South Indian wedding. Also known as the famous pre-wedding ritual, this ceremony starts with a typical Ganesh Puja to ward off evil eyes and help couples start their journey afresh. Here, Lord Ganesha will enjoy lip-smacking sweets and savouries as a sign of tribute. Then the groom’s family will gift the would-be bride some jewellery and a saree to wear on this special occasion. Later on, the couple exchanges ring as a promise of fruitful married life. The guests will receive an invitation card for attending the engagement ceremony, called LagnaPatrika, with Lord Ganesha’s icon on top.


This ritual takes place few days before the main wedding. Here, both the families will arrange this event in their respective abodes. Here, the families will plant individual bamboo poles at the main door of their place. It is more like an official message for everyone to come and be a part of this wonderful journey of the young couple. Another main reason to perform this ritual is to keep evil eyes at bay!


Well, the name says it all! It is that time of the event when the bride and groom will be slathered with turmeric paste in their respective hours. This ritual takes place the day before the main occasion and falls under the pre-wedding ritual category. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric will fight off dirt and help the new couples to brighten up their skin and glow before the wedding. Now, this event remains incomplete without family members and friends dancing and singing to their favorite beats! So, it is the ultimate definition of fun and enjoyment!

Gauri puja:

This ritual is purposely for the bride’s family to celebrate, as it is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. This ritual is all about purity. Every new bride-to-be has to perform this puja by completing it is rituals before the day of the wedding to get blessings from The Almighty. This function is pretty colourful. The bride’s uncle plays a pivotal role here by presenting her with a saree and some gifts. The Gauri puja includes multiple husks and rice related activities, as rice means prosperity and fertility in Indian culture.


Also known as purging bath, this South Indian culture takes place early in the morning. It usually takes place on the wedding day, but if the family wants, they can complete this ritual the day before the wedding. As understood from the name, this ritual talks about a holy bath. Here, a mixture is made using turmeric and pure oil and then slathered to the groom and bride’s body. Later, they will take a shower. The scientific reason behind this ritual is to help the couples get rid of harmful bacteria. Turmeric is known for its antibacterial properties and will keep infections at bay!


Another one of the exciting rituals of the South Indian wedding, Kashiyatra, takes place on the wedding day. Here, the groom acts to leave for Kashi (India’s holy site) as he doesn’t want to marry. So, he leaves the venue with an umbrella, a walking stick, and some other necessities for completing the journey. Well, this story has an interesting turn of events! While on his path, the groom is stopped by the bride’s father, who asks him not to leave the place as his daughter is waiting to get married. After multiple appealing sessions, the groom goes back to his house to get ready and take his bride by exchanging garland, also called “maalaimaatral.”

Maalai Maatral:

This tradition of garland exchange is an age-old tradition seen in every Indian tradition. Whether you reside in South India or belongs to a North Indian city, this tradition is pretty common.


kanyadanam from south indian wedding

This ritual talks about the epitome of faith in Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Here, the groom plays the role of Lord Vishnu, and the bride is treated as Lakshmi. This is one emotional period for the father and his daughter, where the daughter sits on her daddy’s lap. Even though it is a pretty uncommon sight, but it is the biggest sacrifice that a dad can make! Here, the father offers his daughter’s hand to the groom (Lord Vishnu) while milk and sacred water are poured and shlokas recited at the same time. 


This is the most precious moment of the entire wedding everyone has been waiting for! Here, the groom carefully tied the mangal sutra or the thali around the bride’s neck in front of everyone. It is one way of tying two souls into one. The exciting vibe is all around the couple, who enters the new life of togetherness.


saptapadi in south indian wedding

Known as the post-wedding ritual, here the couple circles around the holy fire 7 times, which marks 7 precious vows of life. During this time, the couple’s attires are tied together and will be kept in that manner till the end.

End of a precious ceremony:

Even though Indian weddings, in general, are known for their colors, excitement, music, and dance, the beauty of a South Indian wedding are at another level. The exciting faces, happy tears, and emotional turn of events will give you goosebumps right from the start till the end. Even though the ritual lasts for a few days, but every day brings a new level of joy to not just the couple but everyone involved in the wedding!

summer skincare

Summer Skincare Hacks you can try to keep yourself glowing

We all want skin that feels fresh, plumpy, and glowing all the time, a skin that is perfectly flawless free from all blemishes. In summer, you need to be extra careful about your skin because of humidity. You can’t go for any product and can’t go wrong by trying any random skincare essentials. If you are a bride planning to get married this summer, you need to have a skincare routine that is not impacting adversely. We have here some coolest hacks or DIYs that you can use for your skincare. These summer skin care hacks will not require going to any spa or salon and can be done while being at home safely.

Summer Hacks for Skin

DIY Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

You may have heard of using ice cubes to rub on your face. It is a great rick you can use to close your facial pores or just to beat the heat. Have you heard of aloe vera cubes? Aloe Vera is one the best means to add to your skincare items list in summer. You have to take some aloe vera gel and some drops of rose water put it in a blender, and then transfer it to your usual ice trays. It will relieve the sunburnt skin and provide your skin a more tight and smooth skin look!

aloe vera icecubes

Weekly Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A lymphatic drainage massage can be easily done even on your own. It helps you to get rid of the entire toxin building up in your skin and helps your skin to absorb skincare products better. Don’t you know how it is actually done? Don’t worry; it is not that hard as you expect it to be from the name. Lymphatic massage helps to drain lymph and help you remove body waste. Using some facial oil or face serum you can massage your face with your fingers, palm, or using a jade roller.

lymphatic Skincare

Change or Replace Your Skincare Products

If you are using the same product for summer skincare that you use in winter care, you are truly doing wrong with your skin. Therefore, as soon as possible, change or swap your skincare products with summer care. Also, ensure to use products that amplify your skin’s SPF.

summer skincare products

Sleep by applying a mask

This is one of the easiest summer hacks when you just have to put on a hydrating face mask and simply sleep. When you sleep with a mask on, your skin replenishes and repairs itself while enabling your skin to reproduce more skin cells.

apply mask at night for healthy skincare
Attractive young woman standing in the bathroom with a facial mask

No DIY Face Masks

When sitting at home people make random masks using the ingredients they have at their home. Don’t try anything that is not tested or tried by anyone especially you the brides because it may damage your skin. Know your product before you apply them to your face and ensure to use fresh ingredients only.

no random DIY masks for skincare
wedding makeup artist

Questions you must ask a wedding makeup artist while hiring

Well, it’s your day so it’s obvious to have a concern and be curious to know each and every minute detail. Every bride wants to look picture-perfect, pretty on her wedding day. Once you’ve selected the best wedding dress and hairstyle for your big day, then you’ll surely move to approach the best wedding makeup artist. Whether you want a Deepika Padukone inspired look or wanna flaunt your natural look, selecting the right wedding makeup artist is essential. Before you start-off signing the contracts and writing cheque it’s always needed to schedule a Q& A session with your bridal makeup artist before proceeding. You do not need to worry, since we are here to help you. you can easily find the right makeup artist for you, so take it easy and relax, do the trial runs and you are ready to go.

makeup artist

Key questions to ask before choosing the artist

Are you available on my wedding day?

This is the first question that will be surely asked by every bride to the makeup artist. Whether the artist of your dream will be available on your wedding date or not? It’s a must-know rather than being late, Make sure to ask them for the trials of makeup and get yourself gratified.

Are you a certified wedding makeup artist?

Wedding makeup artists have a variety of skills right from fashion to editorial artists. But a professional in that particular subject will be verified only when the artist is certified and owns an experience certificate as well. It is necessary to crosscheck with the bridal makeup artists whether they have the certificate or are they know the types of make-up.

makeup artist

What are your standard charges and what does it include?

 As you’re going to book your wedding makeup artist according to your wedding budget, so crop the drive and ask about the charges at the beginning of your conversation. Hence a good artist might advertise one price at a time, ask them if there any other charges as well? Just clear everything, so that things run smoothly, specifically for pre-wedding rituals or for your wedding day services.

Can I have a look at the bride’s photographs whose makeup you did?

This is the first thought of every bride that she wants to know if the artist’s style works will match their thought. Or you can visualize yourself wearing one of their looks on your wedding day. It’s always a great way to analyze before picking the makeup artists that will take care of you. Seeing photographs of other brides will get your doubts clear. Most of the makeup artists available at Find Banquet will clarify your concepts before you get onboard.

bridal makeup artist

Can you travel for my wedding day?

This is an imperative question to ask if you have some out-of-town plans because makeup artists aren’t always accessible in other cities as they may have other appointments and clients to handle. First ask your artist if they are able to follow you to your destination straight out of the gate. If not, it’s on to the next one. If you choose to leap the hassle and travel cost, look for an artist who already digs in near to your wedding destination.

How long will makeup take on the day?

An essential question to know exactly how much time will they spend on makeup and at what timings the artist will reach the destination. Make a schedule of the day, talk to the makeup artist about everything clearly, like how will they come? With whom you have to coordinate? How many team members will come along with the artist?

What beauty products your wedding makeup artist will use?

Many people have problematic skin; hence any wrong product can wreak havoc on the face. So, you must ask your artist to have the information on products and brands that they will apply to you?  Don’t queer on your big day, keep up a side note with you, if you pay attention to things like parabens, harshness-free brands, or all-natural cosmetics.

wedding makeup artist

How can you make my wedding makeup long-lasting and look good in pictures?

Your wedding day will the biggest day of your lives that mixes up with emotions probably a pack of happiness along with a healthy dose of tears. Just check it out whether your artist is up to the task to take care of your wedding makeup look as good as you are. Ask what they will do to knock down the shine, latch on your foundation and hold those mascara tears at bay.

What wedding makeup look wills you chose for me?

If you are facing trouble picking the best look for you, grasping a few tips from your makeup artist is a superb idea. There’s an excellent chance that your artist has worked on various brides with different face shapes, features, and complexion. This means they have an understanding of what’s approbatory and what’s best on your wedding day.

Can I have a view on your contract?                 

Asking to view the copy of your makeup artist’s official contract should take care of each unanswered question. Their contract should lie out all pre-wedding day, wedding day services and other extra fees that may hit your balance. Once you’ve checked the draft, you’ll get to know the process completely.

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